Zone Marketing Limited is a cutting edge, state of the art marketing house conceptualised by our founder Da’nielle Bazzoni-Lawrence in 2015. 

Since inception, our mission has been to provide clients with innovative solutions and strategic positioning both locally and regionally. 

We welcome new opportunities to visually express our creativity through innovative marketing initiatives with focused efforts on bringing our clients’ vision to life. From inception to completion, a tailored execution will be our aim. Zone strategizes and delivers, we are the brand behind the brand.


We are the smart choice

We pride ourselves in taking the time out to cater to our clients’ needs on an individual basis. That’s our personal touch (yup, we like you that much). The time is taken to sit down and find your specific objectives.



When you look good we look good, so we take time out to ensure that we provide quality service within your budget.  Once your objectives are established, a detailed layout is then created in order to accomplish your goals. Each stage is then carefully managed by our dedicated team.

Your insight is important. We ensure that all plans are agreed upon. As each milestone is reached you are updated and included in the process.

Agreed Upon


We are real people, doing real work. We apply the appropriate resources to ensure that the job gets done right. Research is also done to create alternate solutions.

We are committed to ensuring that our projects are completed on the agreed-upon deadline.  Our methodology includes action plans that monitor progress, detect, isolate and resolve problems as they arise before they become major obstacles.

Time Framed